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If it weren’t for Sara Haase’s holistic treatment skills, I would not be looking at my beautiful baby daughter right now. Sara combined her comprehensive knowledge of acupuncture modalities, along with dietary recommendations, to treat both my infertility challenges and back pain with amazing success. Her clinical judgment and insights facilitated a very successful treatment outcome. Sara Haase comes highly recommended. I only wish I had utilized her services earlier.

L.D. Savannah, GA

I 100% believe that I got pregnant (after 7 rounds of IVF) after having been your patient for acupuncture. The needling for relieving stress is AMAZING! My son is a healthy and AMAZING little boy, and I couldn’t be a happier mom! Thanks so much for helping to make him a reality! Wish you were still in NH!


A frozen shoulder is no fun; but I got great relief from Sara’s acupuncture treatment. It was my first acupuncture treatment so I was a little hesitant; but I had nothing to fear. She was terrific. My shoulder would have improved lots faster due to her skillful use of those tiny needles if I had lived closer. But, even that one treatment saved me from a lot of pain.

Sarah Scott, Dallas, TX

I had one session for chronic aching pain in the shoulder that woke me up for weeks. One session. Pain totally gone! I am proud and happy to recommend our new sister. She is a gifted, warm, loving, intelligent and intuitive healer. Please join me in welcoming Sara to our community.

E.O. Beacon, NY

Sara was such a huge part of my journey to motherhood. We saw each other multiple times a week in preparation for our fertility treatments, which ultimately resulted in my twin boys. She is extremely easy to talk to, supportive, knowledgeable and overall a great person to have in your corner if you are struggling with infertility. I firmly believe that acupuncture helped us to achieve and sustain a healthy pregnancy and also helped alleviate morning sickness during the first trimester. Sara was a shining light during another otherwise difficult chapter in our lives and helped me to become a Mom. I’ll forever be grateful to her.

C.B., NH

Sara is an incredible acupuncturist and healer. I’ve have had numerous acupuncture sessions with her. A couple of yeas ago she treated me for a problem I had been having with my right calf for over a year. As a result of my calf pain, it had become increasingly difficult to practice yoga and to hike. After one acupuncture treatment with Sara, the pain disappeared, never to return. She has also been treating me for Lyme. Sara’s approach is holistic and caring. You will feel very comfortable with her and will never feel rushed. She is genuinely interested in uncovering and treating the root causes of any condition you might be experiencing. I very enthusiastically, and wholeheartedly recommend Sara.

D.B. Garrison, NY

Thanks very much for your help. You have a great ear when listening to people and the treatments helped me very much.


In addition to her skill as an acupuncturist, I enjoyed the warmth of Sara’s personality.

J. B. age 88, Nashua, NH

I have struggled with a fertility issue for seven years, with the last four years going to an infertility specialist. Before I started with Sara and acupuncture, I had two IUI’s with no results and two IVF retrievals with two eggs produced and frozen on each try. In August of 2014 I started acupuncture with Sara and felt an almost immediate result. With her invaluable advice on diet, introduction to Wan Ton, and acupuncture. My next IVF retrieval doubled to four eggs and the next was five. It may not sound like a huge number but with Sara’s help I literally doubled my chances of having a child. So in December of 2015 I had an implantation of three fertilized eggs. Sara saw me the day before to work her magic and right after my procedure and I got pregnant!

During my pregnancy I saw Sara every week and never suffered from morning sickness and I had no complications or real complaints ( besides fat feet) and delivered a healthy baby girl on August 31, 2015. I owe all of that to Sara. My only regret is that I did not follow up on the after care with acupuncture and postpartum depression.

Sara not only helps heal your body but your mind as well. Never once in my darkest hour did she give up on me or let me give up. She recommended Wan Ton which is a herbal supplement that for me lets me let things go and not sweat the small stuff. She was always positive and always made me look forward not backward. Anyone who has a fertility issue can relate to only focusing on what has not worked and the failure that you feel when you have not “succeed”.

In February I will start going back to Sara for our Thursday appointments. I have full confidence that there will be a second child in my future because of Sara! If you are still on the fence about receiving acupuncture to help getting pregnant all I can say is that I wish I had the courage to have taken the leap seven years ago when I started but I am so thankful to Sara an all the work that she does and the joy that she has brought into my life.


I have been a regular patient of Sara Haase since 2006. I regularly drove two hours each way from Atlanta to Savannah for the sole purpose of having Sara treat me.

I had previously doubted the effects of holistic treatment before seeking out Sara. However, I quickly became a believer after her treatments helped relieve chronic pain that I had come to consider ‘normal’. Her expertise has proven to me that no one should have to live in pain. Over the years Sara has successfully treated me for issues including nausea, chronic constipation, and back pain and headaches stemming from an auto accident.

What sets Sara apart from other professionals I have seen is that she spends the time to get to know her patients and works to treat the cause rather than the symptoms. I always come away from my treatments feeling better and knowing that she truly cares about my wellbeing. I highly recommend the services of Sara Haase.

M.E. Atlanta, GA


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