Frequently Asked Questions

A little info on Acupuncture, Chinese medicine and what to expect. 

What is Chinese Medicine and how does it work?

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) is a complete medical system that has successfully treated a large percentage of the world’s population for over 3,000 years. Ancient Chinese medicine doctors observed the body in all stages of health and disease and found that the body, like the environment, naturally wants to be balanced. In todays world balance can sometimes be a struggle. As a population we have too much going on. We are stressed about money, relationships, our jobs and everything else in our overly busy lives. Chinese medicine tries to restore this balance by using a combination of acupuncture, Chinese herbal medicine and lifestyle suggestions like dietary and exercise changes.

What happens when you come to the office for acupuncture?

I know that a new treatment modality may be a little scary to many people but there really is nothing to worry about.  When you come in you will have a chance to talk about any fears you may have.  I will then ask you a lot of questions.  We call these the 10 questions and they include questions about your sleeping, eating, digestion and stress.  There are many more also.  After the questioning I will come up with a diagnose and a treatment plan.  Part of this diagnosis involves taking the pulses on the inside of both wrists and looking at your tongue.  I will then have you relax on a massage table and begin the acupuncture treatment.  I have a tendency to use few needles and am very gentle.  I often finish the treatment with other modalities including using tuning forks on acupuncture points to further balance the body.  Sound waves of different frequencies have a very strong effect on the body and are a great addition to acupuncture.

Is in painful?

I started off as a patient for years before I went to school to study Chinese medicine.  I have never found it to be painful.  You will feel some points more than others and some people are more sensitive.  It is absolutely nothing like getting a shot or having blood taken at a MD’s office.  The needles I use are tiny in comparison.  Please don’t let a fear of needles stop you from experiencing the healing that Chinese medicine can provide.

What else do you do?

If you have read my bio you have seen that I have studied a lot of other healing modalities.  At this point I am only officially practicing Chinese medicine.  Much of my other training is used to increase my intuition when treating patients.  I am also a certified Kripalu yoga teacher and hope to be offering a series of beginning yoga classes in the near future.  I will often teach my patients meditation techniques or yoga poses that may be helpful to them during my treatment sessions.


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